NG Guide : How To Black Attire?

By Nadzmi Fauzi, 26 January 2018

Black attire event can be a dilemma for every woman because everyone need to look good and be fabolously. Come on ladies! with Neng Geulis help, it’s time to step your game and be fabulous. It’s your job to impress everyone with your dress.

Here, with your top, why not go with Neng Geulis’s Lexie Satin, it is simple yet it’s look soelegant. This is one beautiful piece that you should own. Mix them with some accessories like a small bag from Christy Ng bag or necklace and you just charm someone.




Lexie Satin Silk in Deep Blue


It’s time for your bottom, I would suggest Neng Geulis’s Victoria straight skirt. It’s an elegant skirt that create a classic look which is suitable for black attire or any other formal event. Pair it with Charles & Keith heels and you just create the look of luxury.


Dressing as a hijabi can be hard and always be in dilemma but the beautiful Azra Jewel shawls from Neng Geulis is for you. With this shawl, now you are ready for your black attire event. Everyone will look at you because you just become the most attractive person. Remember, every of these pieces will make people stand out.






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