Laila Luxe in Silver Grey

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Tudung Laila Lux featuring high quality long shawl. The chiffon silk content gives it a luxurious lightweight softness ensures that it holds in place, while the demi-shine exudes elegance and sophistication, perfect for formal or casual occasions. 

  • Thin & almost opaque so it does no need double layer to wear
  • Soft but still falls nicely and holds in place
  • Simple, minimal high quality piece with good workmanship
  • Finishing with baby hem and have a half moon cut at the other side of shawl
  • Material : High Quality Chiffon Silk
  • Measurement : Length (80 inch) x Wide (25 inch)
  • Please be informed that tags are different based on batch produced either metal tag or wooven tag


Tudung Laila Lux diperbuat daripada Chiffon silk yang berkualiti tinggi. Material yang ringan dan beralun menjadikan Tudung Laila Lux bila dipakai akan terletak elok di muka. Dengan sedikit glitter di bahagian muka, ianya sesuai dipakai untuk waktu kasual mahupun untuk acara-acara rasmi

  • Diperbuat daripada material chiffon yang berkualiti, ianya jatih terletak bia dipakai, tidak jarang dan tidak memerlukan tudung lpik di bahagian dlam tudung kerana material separa jarang.
  • Mempunyai jahitan 'baby seam' di hujung tudung.
  • Material Fabrik : ''Chiffon Silk' Berkualiti Tinggi.
  • Ukuran : Panjang (80inch) x Lebar (25 inch)



  • 1-2 business days rest of peninsular Malaysia (1 sehingga 2 hari waktu bekerja)
  • 2-5 business days Sabah, Sarawak, Brunei (2 hingga 5 hari waktu bekerja)



  • Hand wash. Washing mahine not advisable


Cara penjagaan : Hendaklah dibasuh dengan menggunakan tangan. Basuhan dengan menggunakan mesin basuh tidak digalakkan.


DISCLAIMER: Bear in mind that all the photos are captured in a photography studio with bright lights from all angle. The colours are made to the most similar possible and might vary from each computer settings.

(Perlu diingatkan bahawa semua gambar yang diambil adalah di ambil di dalam studio fotografi yang mempunyai prop cahaya yang terang dan diambil dari pelbagai sudut. Warna item mungkn sedikit berbeza dari warna sebenar kerana efek pencahayaan di dalam studio)


editor notes

You know what's sucky about regular piece? They need to be accessories and wisely assemble to pop you out of the crowd. What fun is that kind of plain and wrong assemble?. We''l answer that : NO FUN AT ALL and soon you will be forgotten easily. You know what is fun? Having one multi event pieces that can be worn anywhere yet looking stylish and yet still dazzle everyone. Inspired from women around the world, Neng Geulis fans rejoice and makes each outfit a unique artistic expression with strong colours, prints and unique cutting

Size & Fit

Model wears : MYR/XS

Model's height: 178 cm/5'10”

Look After Me

Hand Wash. Machine Wash not available

About Me

Always add an instant glamour to your look everyday by slipping on this look by Neng Geulis. Note this, to influence or be influence!

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