4 Ways You Could Do To Make Your Outfit Stands Out

By Nadzmi Fauzi, Fashion Editor, 15 January 2018

While it is easy to dress what you want, but it's not always that you wanted. Clothes are language without words, how about change your plain dress into something More elegant? That will surely give you and identity nd you could even create the perfect look.

Just follow this simple steps :



1) Belt it

You really would not believe it how a belt colud make a lot difference. Just toss a belt and you just could be the center of attention.





2) Add An Outer Layer

Even a simple T-shirt could blow your mind about how stylish you are with an ooterwear. Outerwear like shirts, flannels, hoodies and jackets could elevate your style. This sort of outer wears will always be a good idea.





3) Accessorize

Whe you're on the hunt for the perfect dress, then accessories are your answer. Add a necklace, bracelet or watch and you just charm someone with these accesories. Sunnies also the easiest accessory to increase your style. Throw a pair of shades and you will look different withjust the accessories.




4) Tuck In your Shirts

 If you want to change your plain style into something more fabolous, then you should tuck in your shirt. Tuck your shirt or half tuck and you will be the center of attention.



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