Color Represents You

What Your Favourite Color?

By Nadzmi Fauzi, 23 March 2018

Some outfits do not just give you style but represent of what you are too. That’s why you see
many different colours every day. You can tell a great deal about a person by the colours that
they wear. Enhance your wardrobe essentials with colours that can brighten up your morning.




Want to attract someone attention? Just wear red. This is because red represent as love, romance
and passion. It will show you as energetic, passionate, strong-willed and loving person. Red will
bring you the spotlight and you will have everyone attention because you are lovely. Remember,
this colour will always make people stand out.




Do not know what to wear for an interview or work? Then blue is the choice for you. Blue
represent confidence and success. Wearing blue shows that you are successful person in job, no
wonder it’s everyone favourite colour. Navy blue is a go-to colour for a job interview because
people will see you as a confident person and you do not want to be the girl that have no




“I’m happy and I want to bring joy to everyone” If you said that, then you should wear yellow as
your main weapon. The sunshine colour of yellow brings a happy, fun and positive mood. It has
the power to lift everyone around you. That is why the sun is yellow and can bring a smile to




Pink and femininity are tied together. It can represent someone with soft, comforting and
affectionate personality. If you wear pink, you are someone who are so kind and who do not
want a caring and kind friend. Of course everyone want one!

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